LaTex issue: How to make the figure captions centered?

Couple days ago, I spent so many hours figuring out how to make my figure captions centered in LaTex. I use WindEdt 6 Editor and IEEE journal template for that. The problem was, the IEEE journal template will automatically make the figure captions  left justified. Several minutes later, I found a great page written by Michael Shell to solve this problem. Here’s the link :

According to the above link, basically what I need to do is to add an additional code in my tex file as follows:

[contentblock id=1 img=adsense.png]

[syntax type=”css”]
footnotesizebegin{center}{normalfontfootnotesize #1}
{normalfontfootnotesizescshape #2}end{center}%
setbox@tempboxahbox{normalfontfootnotesize {#1.}~~ #2}%
ifdim wd@tempboxa >hsize%
setbox@tempboxahbox{normalfontfootnotesize {#1.}~~ }%
parbox[t]{hsize}{normalfontfootnotesize noindentunhbox@tempboxa#2}%
hbox tohsize{normalfontfootnotesizehfilbox@tempboxahfil}fifi}

I have added the above code after my document class initialization in my tex file and it has worked perfectly for me. I really need to thank Michael Shell for his useful information regarding this matter :D. Hope this information will also help those who face the same problem.

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  1. I faced a same problem.
    Could you please send me file that you already fixed or tell detail how to fix it.
    Thank you very much!!

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