High-Quality Free Fonts but How to Use Them?

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I’m sure most of you who dealing with graphic design knows about typography (typo). If you don’t, you might want see this vlog about an introduction to typography by Karen Kavett.

you can find more of her graphic design vlogs on her youtube play list.

And yes! you might be already know that there is a lot of free-fonts out there on internet. However, sometimes we get confused when it come to use font type on designs if we don’t know what is better to some design-cases. Here are couples of articles and free font resources that I found on SmasingMagazine which might be useful when dealing with fonts or typefaces.

1. What font should I use?

2. Best practices of combining typefaces

3. New high-quality free fonts (2011)

4. New high-quality free fonts (2012)

Source: http://www.smashingmagazine.com

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