How I Added Video Post Format into Minds (TwentyEleven Child Theme)


Several days ago I got a feedback that asked me about how I added video post format into my Minds (TwentyEleven child theme). Unfortunately I could not reply the feedback yet since I am new to the contact form system by Jetpack (Automattic). I guess the feedbacks would appear in my email, instead, it appeared on the feedbacks menu on the dashboard (shame on me 😛 ). That’s why I would like to try to explain here the way I added video format into child theme, in this case, Minds child theme.

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In summary, these were what I did to activate video format in my child theme:

  1. Firstly, I made a function that registered video as one of new post format add_theme_support() in the functions.php of my child theme. you can read it here;
  2. Then I copied file of content-image.php from the parent theme (TwentyEleven) into my child theme directory and named it content-video.php (It should be the same as the value of ‘video’ that I added before). Why content-image.php? because I thought it was closed to the video format which was I wanted 😀
  3. After that, I tried to make some post with the video format and it worked well, you should too;
  4. However I would like to make it fluid since TwentyEleven is responsive theme. So I added Nick La’s trick to make video width fluid when it is seen using smaller display.

That’s all, and you can see on example of this video format. Thanks, hope it will be useful 🙂

8 Replies to “How I Added Video Post Format into Minds (TwentyEleven Child Theme)”

  1. Hello I like your website theme much! Nice Design.
    But if I use your stylesheet everything looks great in Firefox but if I open it in Internet Explorer it`s horrible, nothing looks like it should…

    But if I open your website ( erverything Works fine?
    Wheres my Problem(I still have the problem when I do NO Modification to your .CSS) ?

    Do you have a second stylesheet for Internet Explorer?

    Im going Crazy with it really…

    1. Hi Sam! thank you for using Minds theme 🙂

      Regarding your problems, what version of IE do you use? and what kind of horrible things have emerged when you use css on it? perhaps you could be more specific.

      Anyway, you can see my style.css to make a comparison.

      Hope it is helpful 🙂

      1. Hey thx for the fast reply.

        We are using IE9 atm. and i Dont know where the problem is.

        If this is the same stylesheet that you share for download than there are no changes now…

        I will make a Screenshot and post it in 10min.

        1. Thats how it looks inside Firefox :

          how it should look like everything nice!

          Now with the stylesheet that you posted (IE9):

          complete horrible and that is with your your .css from the dropbox server without any changes… but when i go on your site with internet explorer it works fine.

          and this here are personal changes better than this i cant get it:

          horrible too, do you maybe know whats causing the error?

    1. Hello mate! I’m sorry for replying you late. I got some physical jobs couple of days ago 😀

      I was wondering it’s from your TwentyEleven’s header.php, but I am not sure enough. Because I also tried my css (dropbox source) on IE9 and there’s no problem at all. Anyway, thanks God if you’ve already solved it. Perhaps if you would, you could share what you’ve done to fix it here. Thanks.

  2. I dont know the solution which solves the problem, I did nothing – crazy.
    But now everythings works fine like how i want it. Thank you…

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