How to solve the “font not embedded” problem to pass PDF eXpress

In some conferences (e.g, IEEE conferences), you might need to check and verify your paper with PDF eXpress before you submit your final paper  (

Once you’re ready with your camera-ready paper, you checked your paper with PDF eXpress, and then.. Dang! You got the “font not embedded” error message, and your PDF file has failed the PDF check!!

For some people , this issue can be so frustrating (especially when you try to submit your paper close to the deadline!).

To address the above issue, the following link is such a life saver:

Now , suppose you use latex, here are some steps that I’ve done to get my paper passed thePDF eXpress check:

  • Open the folder where you put your latex files.
  • (In my case, I use Windows 7) Type the following commands in cmd:
  1. latex your_file.tex
  2. bibtex your_file
  3. latex your_file.tex
  4. latex your_file.tex (at this stage, you will produce your_file dvi)
  5. dvips -Ppdf -G0 -tletter your_file dvi.dvi (here you’ll generate
  6. ps2pdf -dCompatibilityLevel#1.4 -dPDFSETTINGS#/prepress your_file.pdf (now, you have your_file.pdf!).

Done! You can now submit your pdf file to PDF express.
Hopefully you’ll pass the PDF check this time, Goodluck!



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