Reblog: The International TOEFL and IELTS Test Centres in Jakarta

Bagi Anda yang ingin mengikuti tes international TOELF atau IELTS berikut ini adalah alamat official test centres TOEFL dan IELTS di Jakarta, semoga bermanfaat :).


Indonesian International Education Foundation (IIEF)
Menara Imperium, 28th Floor, Suite B
Metropolitan Kuningan Superblok, Kav. 1
Jl. H. R. Rasuna Said
Jakarta 12980
Tel: +62-21-831-7330
Website :
Toefl test information :

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Plaza Kuningan
Menara Selatan, 3rd floor
Jl. H.R Rasuna Said Kav C11-14
Jakarta 12940
Telp: 021-5213350
Fax : 021-5213349
Website :

Komp Ruko Plaza 5
Pondok Indah Blok D 11
Jl. Margaguna Raya
Jakarta Selatan 12140
Tel:   +62 21   7234 944 / 727 90950
Fax: +62 21   7234 933
Website :

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Reblog: Which One is Easier, TOEFL or IELTS?

Which one is easier, TOEFL or IELTS ?

Setiap orang tentu memiliki pandangan yang berbeda tentang definisi ‘mudah’ untuk dirinya. Maka jika Anda bertanya ujian mana yang lebih mudah antara TOEFL dan IELTS, jawaban yang Anda dapatkan kemungkinan besar akan mengarah kepada subjektifitas seseorang. Saya mungkin akan menghabiskan waktu cukup lama untuk membaca artikel-artikel bahasa Inggris, membaca artikel tersebut sama susahnya bagi saya saat harus memahami rubrik politik dalam koran ibukota. Rumit dan kadang sulit dicari inti permasalahannya. Continue reading “Reblog: Which One is Easier, TOEFL or IELTS?”

Track changes in LaTeX : latexdiff

For those who are familiar with Ms.Word you might know that there is a feature called Track Changes on the Review tab in Ms.Word. This feature is very useful to view tracked changes that we’ve made to the document. Now, how if we use LaTeX editor? Can we track changes in LaTeX? The answer is : Sure, you can. 🙂

I just figure out today that we can use latexdiff to view tracked changes in LaTeX. Here’s what I have done to make latexdiff works in my office PC. My  PC OS  is Windows XP Version 2002.

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    1. Install Perl from
    2. Download latexdiff : e.g
    3. Unzip the latexdiff file and put it inside the directory where you have installed Perl (e.g Perl>bin)
    4. Set the Perl path in Windows
    5. Put the old and new file in the same folder with the latexdiff file.
    6. Compile the file from command prompt using this command:
      perl latexdiff old.tex new.tex > diff.tex
    7.  A diff.tex file will be created that shows the difference between your old and new files.
    8. You can compile it to a pdf file using MikTex editor as usual.


done! 🙂

LaTex issue: How to make the figure captions centered?

Couple days ago, I spent so many hours figuring out how to make my figure captions centered in LaTex. I use WindEdt 6 Editor and IEEE journal template for that. The problem was, the IEEE journal template will automatically make the figure captions  left justified. Several minutes later, I found a great page written by Michael Shell to solve this problem. Here’s the link :

According to the above link, basically what I need to do is to add an additional code in my tex file as follows:

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[syntax type=”css”]
footnotesizebegin{center}{normalfontfootnotesize #1}
{normalfontfootnotesizescshape #2}end{center}%
setbox@tempboxahbox{normalfontfootnotesize {#1.}~~ #2}%
ifdim wd@tempboxa >hsize%
setbox@tempboxahbox{normalfontfootnotesize {#1.}~~ }%
parbox[t]{hsize}{normalfontfootnotesize noindentunhbox@tempboxa#2}%
hbox tohsize{normalfontfootnotesizehfilbox@tempboxahfil}fifi}

I have added the above code after my document class initialization in my tex file and it has worked perfectly for me. I really need to thank Michael Shell for his useful information regarding this matter :D. Hope this information will also help those who face the same problem.

The man who gets the most satisfactory results is not always the man with the brilliant single mind, but rather the man who can best coordinate the brains and talents of his associates 

— W. Alton Jones

Bibtex:GUI framework cannot be initialized

Hi guys! I guess you might face the same problem with me. I’m new to LaTex and I run my LaTex file this morning in my PC and simply got this error message : Bibtex:GUI framework cannot be initialized! Yesterday, I run a similar code using same installation procedure (I use MikTex 2.9 and WinEdt6) in my laptop and everything worked well. So, I spent my time searching in Google for a perfect solution and finally I came into this useful link :

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So, in summary, if you face the same problem, here’s a solution:

  1. Open a command prompt window and go into the directory where you put your latex file.
  2. Run your latex file (e.g latex mylatexfile)
  3. Run BibTex (e.g bibtex mylatexfile), and then it will automatically download the missing files that I guess caused the error, so make sure you are connected with the internet!
  4. Rerun your latex file twice (this is to make your references integrated and listed in your latex files), and done! 🙂

Now, you can find the executed file in dvi format in your latex directory and the problem is solved. This works for me,  hope it solves your problem as well. 😀