How We Found Each Other

“Sometimes the world tries to knock it out of you. But I believe in music the way that some people believe in fairy tales. I like to imagine that what I hear came from my mother and father. Maybe the notes I hear, are the same ones they heard, the night they met. Maybe that’s how they found each other. Maybe that’s how they’ll find me. I believe that once upon a time, long ago, they heard the music and followed it.”

— (August Rush)

We were classmates at the same university for about 3 years, majoring the same field of study, Computer Science.  Even we were in the same class, we never really talked to each other. Sometimes, I saw him couple of times, but we never had any serious conversation. I never knew that the person that I saw in class that time, will be the one that God chooses for me to accompany me in sadness and happiness. We used to live in our own world. He was busy building his own, and so did I. We never knew each other because our world was separated. Although we were far, both of us coloured our world with the same passion.  We do love anything related to art and technology. Maybe, then our worlds met. We used to spend the time sharing about ideas, knowledge, memories through the internet and never really talked to each other in the real life. Then in March 8th, 2010, he came to my parents and said that he wanted to take care of me and that was the first time we really met.

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