Liveblog: Weekly Pocket Collections, Up to December 15th

This weekly pocket collections would like to share some articles through liveblog way. Let’s start now.


  1. Fullscreen Pageflip Layout
  2. Decorative CSS Gallery – Part 2
  3. How to make an animated thumbnail
  4. Responsive Column Layouts 42


  1. Singly Launches β€œApp Fabric” Platform For Developers To Speed Up Integrations With Dozens Of Services
  2. Adobe Brings Retina Display Support To Photoshop And Illustrator CS6 As A Free Update For All Users

WordPress 3.5 “Elvin” is here! So, what’s new?

What a nice combination! today is 12/12/2012 (121212) and WordPress launched new upgrade. Yes WordPress 3.5 called “Elvin”, in an honor of drummer Elvin Jones (who is he? I don’t know πŸ˜€ ). Anyway, So, what’s new here? let’s see the video.

What I like the most is “reimagining media”, it’s looked smoother and easier than ever. In my opinion, I don’t have to add 3rd party plugin anymore to make a gallery in the post. Well, what are you waiting for? update or download it now fellow, and enjoy the newest WordPress πŸ™‚

Migrate to Ubuntu 11.10

migrasi ke Ubuntu jadi harus belajar pake Terminal, belajar pake Gimp-Inkscape-Blender, belajar develop web di linux pake LAMP juga belajar Virtual Worlds. so excited πŸ™‚