Track changes in LaTeX : latexdiff

For those who are familiar with Ms.Word you might know that there is a feature called Track Changes on the Review tab in Ms.Word. This feature is very useful to view tracked changes that we’ve made to the document. Now, how if we use LaTeX editor? Can we track changes in LaTeX? The answer is : Sure, you can. 🙂

I just figure out today that we can use latexdiff to view tracked changes in LaTeX. Here’s what I have done to make latexdiff works in my office PC. My  PC OS  is Windows XP Version 2002.

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    1. Install Perl from
    2. Download latexdiff : e.g
    3. Unzip the latexdiff file and put it inside the directory where you have installed Perl (e.g Perl>bin)
    4. Set the Perl path in Windows
    5. Put the old and new file in the same folder with the latexdiff file.
    6. Compile the file from command prompt using this command:
      perl latexdiff old.tex new.tex > diff.tex
    7.  A diff.tex file will be created that shows the difference between your old and new files.
    8. You can compile it to a pdf file using MikTex editor as usual.


done! 🙂

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