Liveblog: Weekly Pocket Collections, Up to December 15th

This weekly pocket collections would like to share some articles through liveblog way. Let’s start now.


  1. Fullscreen Pageflip Layout
  2. Decorative CSS Gallery – Part 2
  3. How to make an animated thumbnail
  4. Responsive Column Layouts 42


  1. Singly Launches β€œApp Fabric” Platform For Developers To Speed Up Integrations With Dozens Of Services
  2. Adobe Brings Retina Display Support To Photoshop And Illustrator CS6 As A Free Update For All Users

Weekly pocket collection, December 8th

Hi readers!

I’ve been using pocket apps for several weeks now. And I got plenty of articles that I have saved on it from daily basis browsing since then. I thought it would be nice if I could share it with you. Well, here they are, my first “Weekly Pocket Collection, December 8th”.

  1. Gamma Gallery from tympanus
  2. Heading Set Styling with CSS
  3. WPMU’s Best in WordPress: November 5th – 11th
  4. 7 Fantastic Presentations from WordCamp and BuddyCamp Vancouver 2012
  5. Stop WordPress Content Thieves From Stealing Your Content – And Your Bandwidth
  6. Responsive CSS Timeline with 3D Effect
  7. 40+ essential WordPress plugins
  8. Tips and Plugins to Make a Multi-Author Blog More Manageable
  9. Z-Index And The CSS Stack: Which Element Displays First?
  10. 50 Totally Free Lessons in Graphic Design Theory
  11. Resources that matter
  12. Code smells in CSS
  13. How to Create Retina Graphics for your Web Designs
  14. IE10 CSS Hacks
  15. CSS Architecture
  16. How Fluid Grids Work in Responsive Web Design
  17. Typespiration – // treating typography with respect
  18. Design Patterns for Creating Exceptional User Interfaces on the Web

Hmm… I think that’s enough for now, have a happy reading mates! πŸ™‚

WordPress self-hosting: How to change default email sender name?

Well, let’s get to the answers! So far, I’ve found two ways how to fix the problem.
[contentblock id=1 img=adsense.png]

  1. I call it ‘a temporary trick’, anyway, let’s go to the wp-include directory and open pluggable.php, then search:
    $from_name = 'WordPress';

    and change it with your name (website name or anything you want).It’s simple and it works, indeed! Unfortunately we have a drawback here, you have to do it every time you update WordPress into the recent one. That’s why I called it a temporary trick. However I use it because it’s effective. Continue reading “WordPress self-hosting: How to change default email sender name?”

How I Added Video Post Format into Minds (TwentyEleven Child Theme)


Several days ago I got a feedback that asked me about how I added video post format into my Minds (TwentyEleven child theme). Unfortunately I could not reply the feedback yet since I am new to the contact form system by Jetpack (Automattic). I guess the feedbacks would appear in my email, instead, it appeared on the feedbacks menu on the dashboard (shame on me πŸ˜› ). That’s why I would like to try to explain here the way I added video format into child theme, in this case, Minds child theme. Continue reading “How I Added Video Post Format into Minds (TwentyEleven Child Theme)”

Mac OS X: Add folder to sidebar in Finder

Today I was wondering about how to add folder to sidebar in the finder. Then I googling it, and I’ve got several potential solutions from some forums. However when I tried they tricks, it did not work well. That’s why I figured if I can do it by “Drag and Drop” technique, and guess what? It works perfectly. So what I’ve done was, I

  1. opened the Finder,
  2. located the folder that I wanted to show on the sidebar,
  3. then dragged it onto the sidebar and dropped it.

Voila, it’s done πŸ™‚

Just a simple trick I’ve found today as a new Mac user, hope it is useful

Adding Google Custom Search Engine into WordPress without Plugin

In this article I’d like to share what I’ve done to embed Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) into my site which is basically using WordPress. So, the goal is to add CSE without changing my native search box. Why? Because I solely like it πŸ˜› Try to search some keywords on my search box to see the result of this tutorial πŸ˜‰

Okay, let’s start the tutorial Continue reading “Adding Google Custom Search Engine into WordPress without Plugin”